100 things to hate before you die

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If George Carlin, Greg Giraldo, and Sebastian Maniscalco had a baby. . . it would be f**king weird because none of them have a uterus and two of them are dead. But if it were possible, you’d get 100 Things to Hate Before You Die.

Claudia Baking

A funny, relatable, and irreverent escape for comedy fans who are fed up with everything going on in the world but can still find humor in the dumb and dumber.

In this uproarious, honest, and biting collection of essays, stand-up comedian, Monsters of Rock morning show DJ, and Madhouse Magazine writer Claudia Stavola shares her unapologetic rantings, true stories, lists, observations, silly solutions to serious problems, and absolute fury over inconsequential things like the shorts-all-year-long guy and Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina candle, to more provocative topics such as angry “patriotic” guys, and dating show dimwits.

How many times a day do you shake your head in disbelief over other people’s behavior (and then take a picture of it to post on social media)? Have you ever wanted to choke out the self-absorbed idiots who have gender reveal parties...with explosives... in a desert? And how many people per day do you want to body slam for their crummy, juvenile Facebook posts?

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There are plenty of guides for where to travel, what to eat, or what to watch before you die, but when you’re flooded with antipathy over just about everything, it’s hard to know where to direct your disdain. Claudia is here to help! 100 Things to Hate Before You Die is an easy-to-read collection of fiery musings that will help you focus on what to hate and why.

Get ready for a ride of emotions—you’ll go from pissed off to more pissed off—but in the most hilarious, engaging, and funny way possible.

So sit back, light your vag candle (as long as you’re not at a gender reveal during a drought), and get ready to laugh!

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"This is the most amusing, entertaining laughable, and priceless, NON-PC, PC book I've read in years.

Claudia shows that nothing is sacred. She’s the white female Dave Chappelle (IMO). Intelligent, thoughtful, and at times, downright RAUNCHY. Most of all FUNNY!!! (And informative) Claudia’s writing and musing opened my eyes even more to my ability at times to be close minded. But the way she phrases everything it makes me look at the world through a different pair of glasses and still laugh my A** off! That is the gift. Getting me to look at the insanity, love, and craziness of the world.

Like Chappelle, nothing is sacred in this book. It doesn’t matter what you believe or how you look at the world you will laugh and question your viewpoints. Not In an," I’m offended" way (by the way if you're easily offended don’t buy this book unless you want to open your eyes to the realities of the world). Written by a woman who has the most incredible insight of any comediennes book I have read. (And baby I’ve read them all!)"

Nancy Barrow
"Claudia's takes on everyday issues felt like what I want to say but in the vein of Larry David saying it! She 'goes there' when it comes to nailing observations about things we all see and say "WTF!?" about …she covers it all but doesn't write it in a hurtful way. A definite must read for anyone who loves humor, observations with a dash of a rock and roll spirit!"

"I purchased this book based on her presence in social media, especially because of laconic and sarcastic yet positive posts but also her excellent taste in music (with Van Halen you cannot go wrong).

'100 Things to Hate Before You Die' is ruthless, accurate and hilarious overview of the world as we know it today. Some of the stuff is US specific but I found it amusing and horrendous that 87.3 % of scenarios can be found in Finland as well.

A job well done. Kind of David Lee Roth meets Dave Mustaine vibe."

Monique German
"Stavola is funny and so timely with her observations. Like George Carlin -- but prettier -- Stavola is an equal-opportunity-hater of stupid ideas, stupid actions, and boring traditional behaviors that, when you think about them, maybe don't really make sense anymore. She has you laughing but also thinking. She may even remind you that now, more than ever, we need freedom of speech, freedom to laugh, and an even more important need to check the trigger sensitivity of what offends us and try harder to keep a sense of humor."

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"Bios written in the third person
are douchey"

Bios written in the third person are douchey (If I wrote this in the third person I couldn’t use made up words like douchey). Anyone can write whatever they want to inflate their image. Have I brought down the house before? Absolutely! Have I also eaten a poop sandwich on stage? I sure have … especially when performing for a bunch of drunken gamblers in jorts at a casino. They tend not to hear anything after “free tickets” and assume they’re headed to a Cher extravaganza, not a frizzy-haired girl talking about stretch pants and camel toe.
Being involved with irrational lunatics most of my life (e.g. bosses, coworkers, and one-sided friendships) along with being a social outcast, I realized that I’d rather laugh than cry … and my brain might be made of penis.
I haven’t been “fantasizing about my wedding since I was a little girl.”

I’d rather watch an Impractical Jokers marathon than join the gals for a mani-pedi day. And I don’t believe in “girl code.” I believe in human code.

My comedy doesn’t aim to please or offend any specific group. It’s comedy for people who just “get it.” I’m inspired by never fitting in; being fascinated by people’s robotic interests (religion; buffets; Big Bang Theory) and being annoyed by super-white white people.

In addition to stand-up, I’m the author of 100 Things to Hate Before You Die, a writer for Madhouse Magazine, and the weekday morning host for Monsters of Rock on Dash Radio—which boasts over 800,000 listeners per day. But my greatest accomplishments thus far are never having a desire to own a Coach, Louis Vuitton, or Gucci pocketbook, and never having seen Meredith Baxter-Birney or Nancy McKeon domestically abused in a Lifetime movie.

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